Would the Rock Run for President? 'Of Course I Would'

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor
Yahoo Movies

Throughout election year, we asked dozens of actors which of their colleagues they’d like to see run for the president of the United States. One of the only names to come up multiple times was — no, not Snoop Dogg; sorry, Russell Crowe — Moana star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Now that Donald Trump, a man as famous for his stint on reality TV as he is for his business endeavors, is going to be the nation’s 45th president, we figured we should check in with Johnson to see if he’d accept the nomination he received from actors like Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Scott Eastwood.

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“Of course, I would consider [running],” Johnson told Yahoo Movies at Moana‘s Los Angeles press day. “I’m very patriotic about our country, and I care deeply about it… So I think if I felt like I could become a real impactful, tremendous leader, and surround myself with good people, then I’d consider it.”

So who’d be his running mate? “Matt Damon,” Johnson joked. Kevin Hart’s going to be pissed.

Moana opens Nov. 23.