'The Wolverine' Trailer: In Bed With Jean Grey (Video)

Tim Molloy
May 21, 2013

Scott Summers isn't going to like this: The latest trailer for "The Wolverine" finds our hero in bed with his X-Men teammate -- and Summers' lover -- Jean Gray.

Actually, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) doesn't seem very happy about it either. He pledges to Jean (Famke Janssen) not to hurt her or anyone ever again.

"It's too late," she whispers, sounding a little like she does in Dark Phoenix mode.

Things don't improve from there. Soon Logan's embarking on a journey through Japan that could... change... everything. We meet a crafty assasin and a mysterious reptilian woman, and get a good look at the Silver Samurai, who's even bigger than we remembered him being in the comics.

"The Wolverine" premieres July 26. Here's the video: 

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