Wife Re-creates Husband's Favorite TV Shows' Intros as Birthday Gift [Video]

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Want to get the serious TV fan in your life the most memorable and thoughtful birthday gift ever? Well, whatever you come up with, it's probably not going to be much better than this.

Graphic artist Leigh Lahav surprised her husband, Oren Mendezitsky, with a video re-creation of his favorite shows' opening credits with Mendezitsky and his friends and family in place of the characters. The result, which she uploaded on YouTube, is a wickedly creative and heartwarming montage titled "TV Bday PALOOZA." And she didn't miss an opportunity to squeeze in a TV reference, from HBO's opening static (Sillyface Entertainment, in this case) to the medley of reimagined intros, such as "Mad Men" ("Mad Oren"), "The Office" ("The Laser Club"), and "Adventure Time" ("Birthday Time").

What was Lahav's motivation? Outdoing the birthday gift he gave her last year, of course. He wrote a comic book for her and had close friends illustrate it, she told HuffPost Weddings. (This couple sets the bar high!)

Why did she select these particular shows? "I chose the TV shows by two parameters: how much Oren loves the show, and how difficult it is to re-create," Lahav said. "For example, a 'Game of Thrones' intro would be crazy hard! But, still, I did try to push the limits."

Lahav, whose skills are clearly impressive, did most of the animation and editing, but she recruited other filmmakers to help complete the video.

Here's the full rundown of Lahav's TV inspirations:

  • HBO opening (Sillyface Entertainment)
  • "Mad Men" ("Mad Oren")
  • "Arrested Development" ("Normal Development")
  • "Lost" ("Oren")
  • "30 Rock" ("8 Gate")
  • "Frasier" ("Oren")
  • "The Office" ("The Laser Club")
  • "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ("Curb Your Oren...ism")
  • "Adventure Time" ("Birthday Time")
  • "New Girl" (same)
  • "2 Broke Girls" closing
  • "Community" theme song (credits)