'White House Down' Draws 100,000 Service Members to Free Screenings for the Military

Sara Morrison
The Wrap

Sony's free July 4 screenings of "White House Down" drew more than 100,000 active and veteran members of the military, according to the studio. Intended as a tribute to American servicemen and women, the screenings could also give the film some much-needed buzz.

The big budget action movie, which stars Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx as America's only hope against a terrorist attack, has not done well at the box office so far. It premiered behind 'Monsters University,' 'The Heat,' and 'World War Z' in its opening weekend, earning just $25.7 million. Its budget was estimated to be north of $150 million.

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The film managed to take $3.5 million from paying customers on Thursday as well -- an increase of 32 percent from Wednesday, though Thursday was a holiday and Wednesday was not. Sony hopes the increase means "White House Down" may staying power at the box office, pointing out that it received an A- Cinemascore.

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