What's Next For Chris Hemsworth?

Jarett Wieselman
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What's Next For Chris Hemsworth?

After starring in two of 2012's biggest hits, Marvel's The Avengers and Snow White and The Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth has amassed a legion of lovers desperate to know what he's doing (and not wearing) next!

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Although he hopes those paired performances have made you more interested in his acting than his lustworthy physique. "It's helped me get a job, sure," he says of that bangin' bod in GQ's July issue. "But you hope it's not the only thing that helped."

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A theory that should be tested this November when Red Dawn finally hits theaters -- the sci-fi remake was shot in 2009, long before Chris hit the gym for Thor, so his body is in a less Godly, but still envious, shape. He'll also keep the abs undercover in 2012's Rush, Ron Howard's racing drama where Chris slips behind the wheel, and into a seriously silly wig, to play 70s era driver, James Hunt.

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After that, Chris will wrap his hands around that giant hammer once more for Thor 2 (out on November 8, 2013) and The Avengers 2, which is still unannounced, but after racking up $600 million domestically, I think this cast will be assembling for years to come!

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