What We've Learned About That New 'Star Wars' Character

Yahoo MoviesMay 21, 2014

This morning, J.J. Abrams appeared on Good Morning America to announce a new Omaze campaign to benefit UNICEF that will give one lucky Star Wars fan (and a lucky friend) the chance to win a Star Destroyer-sized prize package, one that includes everything from a set visit to a part in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. He also gave fans a first look at the one of the film’s new characters, a wizened-looking working-class dude we’ll call Slouchy-Pants. 

This new ostrich-like fella, though, sports some serious facial hair — so much so, he brings to mind the late actor Keye Luke, star of Kung Fu and Gremlins. He has some critters collected in his backpack-rig; could be his grandchildren, could be different beasts he’s hunted and gathered for sale. The creature boxed up at the top of his gear looks a bit like a Worrt, a desert-dwelling reptile seen briefly in Return of the Jedi


This Abu Dhabi set (which the Hollywood Reporter says is being used as the new Tatooine) looks like a Jawa garage sale, complete with a guy behind Abrams who seems tall for a Jawa, but has borrowed an extra-long robe of theirs. If you happen to be in the area, tell Abrams to look out for all the Bantha poop.

Photo credit: Disney/Lucasfilm