'Westworld' Recap: Maeve Builds an Army, Man in Black Reveals Backstory

Superfan TV

On Sunday's Westworld, Bernard was struggling with the memory of killing his lover, Theresa, while Maeve was using her memories to propel her toward independence. Maeve convinced Sylvester and Felix to give her special gifts beyond her enhanced intelligence. She demonstrated that by slicing Sylvester's throat with a scalpel. Then she tested her ability to control the other hosts by getting the bartender to pour her an extra drink and to make the lawmen in Sweetwater shoot each other instead of her.

The Man in Black revealed that in real life, he's a good guy. Literally calling himself "The Good Guy," he explained that he was a businessman with a beautiful family but his perfect life ended when his wife died in a tragic accident. After that, he turned to the park to feel things, specifically, bad things. He then went on to describe killing Maeve and her daughter. He marveled at how she fought back and in short moment, crying for her child. He said that "she was alive, truly alive, if only for a moment."