Watch Dauntless Tats Come and Go

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor
March 20, 2014

As any "Divergent" fan will surely attest, body art plays a sizable part in this dystopian tale. Let’s just say there’s one busy tattoo parlor in post-apocalyptic Chicago, as the members of the faction Dauntless (roughly one fifth of the population) are all tatted out with impressive ink.

Not only do the tattoos play a symbolic role in the book-turned-movie, they’re pretty cool to look at it, too. And you may hear the phrase “OMG SO HOT!” thrown around just a little bit when it comes to a certain cast member/character’s “blood tattoos” (spoiler alert: that’d be Theo James’s Four).

The tattoos are also cool to watch appear, it turns out, which is why we created these five tributes to “Divergent” in the form of cinemagraphs:






 ”Divergent” opens everywhere March 21.