Watch a Romantic 'Game of Thrones' Proposal [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Fire and ice took on a whole new meaning for two "Game of Thrones" fans.

At the HBO show's interactive exhibition stop in New York, Jordan Young got down on one knee in front of the replica Iron Throne that his girlfriend, Amanda Santangelo, sat on. He popped the question and she accepted! The "fire" of his love was completed by a piece of "ice" (the diamond ring). Awww!

"We are immense fans of the show. We have not been able to stop talking about it since we marathon-ed it," Young told CBS New York.

As passionate as he is about the show, during his proposal, Young told Santangelo that his love for her tops it. When she accepted, she wiped tears from her eyes.

And to think, the proposal might not have even happened! "I really didn't want to go, honestly," Santangelo admitted. "He dragged me there, and I'm really glad he did."

The happy couple joins other fans who've gotten engaged via their favorite shows:

  • "Doctor Who" superfan Matt Smith proposed to Stacie-Anne Dilkes at the "Doctor Who Experience" in London last year.
  • During a photo op with the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast last November, a fan surprised his girlfriend (and the stars) by popping the question. Wil Wheaton wrote on Reddit, "Once we knew what was happening, it was awesome."

See the "GoT" cast take their turn on the Iron Throne: