Warren Beatty on Collaborating With People Who ‘Know More’ Than Him on ‘Rules Don’t Apply’

Variety Staff

“Rules Don’t Apply” director-star Warren Beatty, star Lily Collins, and costume designer Albert Wolsky discussed their collaborative process during a panel with Variety Co-Editor-in-Chief Claudia Eller at Women’s Wear Daily and Variety‘s second annual Stylemakers luncheon on Thursday at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

“We had worked together before [on ‘Bugsy’]. That is an tremendous advantage,” Wolsky said. “Warren is very trusting.”

“I am very trusting of some people,” Beatty quipped before saying that he believes in collaborating with people who “know more than I do.”

“You’re lucky if you get Albert to do a movie,” he said about working with Wolsky again 25 years after their last film.

Collins, who presented Wolsky with the event’s costume designer award, said she worked closely with the designer, who even incorporated some of her ideas.

“Everything was discussed, evolved, and changed until we got it right,” Wolsky said. “The important thing is the actor has to feel comfortable. If they feel awkward, it’s not good.”

The look “informed a lot about her character,” Collins said about her character Marla Mabrey, a naive starlet that Beatty’s Howard Hughes woos. “I think as an actor, every time you’re in your [character’s] clothes it informs the character.”

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