Walking Dead Ahead: Prepare Yourself For Negan And Carl’s Showdown

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What is the formula for a Season Seven episode of The Walking Dead? Introduce a new civilization each week. Spend the entire episode bumming around that society. Make sure not to move the plot forward a single inch. And voila! You have this week’s Tara-centric adventure that went ends up right back where we started — nothing gained, nothing lost.

We did lose Heath for the time being, but something tells me he’ll be in another new civilization called 24: Legacy in the land of Fox. And if the civilization happens to get canceled, he’ll return to Alexandria soon after.

But let’s look forward! Oceanside isn’t going to come into play anytime soon, but you know they’ll eventually join the war against Negan around the end of Season 7, or more likely in 8. They already laid a little groundwork for Cyndie and Tara to maybe have a thing.

The promo definitely suggests that we’ll see what happened to Carl and Jesus two episodes ago, because I’m sure no one was interested in that this week and would rather spend their time right here with Tara. The next episode’s title, “Sing Me a Song” smacks of a particularly haunting scene between Carl and Negan in the comics. I won’t spoil it, but strap in, because things are going to get real dark in The Sanctuary.

And it looks like Michonne will be unleashing her old, swashbuckling self next week. These two walkers in the road resemble her so-called “pets” that were always at her side. You’ll also notice that she’s whistling like Negan — maybe to foreshadow that she’ll be playing their own game against them. And one of the two has an army jacket and boots on — they must be nearing a base, perhaps that’s where The Sanctuary got all of their weaponry.

And lastly, you’ll notice that this sword move is absolutely impossible. How did the blade end up in the walker’s head? Not to get all Zapruder about this, but watch it again.

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