'The Voice' S3, WEEK 13: Inside Look

Jamar Rogers
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'The Voice' S3, WEEK 13: Inside Look

"I love, appreciate and adore all women."--Cee Lo Green

I'm going to start this week off by sending bittersweet farewells to two of my favorite contestants this season. Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown are both unique, bold, entertaining artists. I can't help but feel America really got it wrong this week. But things turn around quickly: Adam offered Melanie a record deal on the spot. And I can surely attest, Amanda, if you just hang in there and keep trying, good things will most definitely come your way.

These are my favorite performances last week:

Nicholas David-Over the Rainbow

It's a good thing Nicholas sang this song second. Cee Lo assigned September to him first and I was certain Nicholas was going home. Then he sang this little diddy straight from the land of Oz. He was personally connected to this song and it showed.

Trevin Hunte-Walking on Sunshine

No one that I know agrees with me on this song choice. But, it's not Trevin's fault Cee Lo gave him such a wack, dated song. Trevin did his best with it and I think it was a hell of a lot better than his predictable yawn fest And I Am Telling You. Besides my super lame high school show choir performed this song with sequins, cartwheels and all. I was right there with them just jazz handing it away.

Terry McDermott-I Wanna Know What Love Is

I appreciate all the well wishes on Twitter who liked my take better but my hat goes off to Terry. His version was stripped down, tender, emotional. I believe this was his stand out moment of the season. His iTunes sales represented this as well.

Amanda Brown-Natural Woman

Sure this song is overdone...but Amanda does it better. Amanda really was a dark horse in this competition and could've won the whole thing if she hadn't made the same mistake I made on the show. The coaches, the label and America want to make sure you know who you are as an artist; that you're marketable and someone with longevity. I started getting away from the rock (7 Nation Army) and started to sell myself as an electro soul singer (If You Don't Know Me By Now) right before my elimination. Amanda switched from soul to rock to even some country. Amanda can sing anything well and that might've hurt her in the end. PS...YouTube her cover of "At Last". You're welcome.

Melanie Martinez-Crazy

I'm not really sure what the mannequins represented but whatever...Melanie sang and played the piano with her left hand. I'm a fan and I always will be. I'm definitely looking forward to her project. And judging from Grammy nominations from last week, indie music is quickly becoming pop music.

Cassadee Pope and Amanda Brown-Breakaway

This duet obviously came before the elimination and as I watched, I thought to myself, "either one of these girls could take it." Alas, my Amanda is gone, so here's to you, Cassadee.

The Voice Relationships

A few nights ago, Erin Willett (Team Blake, Season 2) held her EP release party at The Hotel Cafe, here, in LA. There was an electricity in the air as Katrina Parker (Team Adam) opened for her and Tony Lucca (Team Adam) and Justin Hopkins (Team Cee Lo) closed the night. After catching up with Pip (Team Adam) and Anthony Evans (Team Christina), I took a little stroll down memory lane.

The Voice taught me a lot of lessons: confidence, courage. But, it also brought talented musicians from around the country, made them share hotel rooms for months at a time and was responsible for helping forge some pretty solid bonds. James Massone and I shared a room for about a month and that dude became my brother. Yeah, I'm a jerk first thing in the morning without a cup of coffee and sure, James pees all over the toilet and floor (I'm not kidding. We had lots of discussions about this. He said I wouldn't know he peed on the seat if I didn't sit down to pee...which I don't. Anyone with eyes could see the pee. But I digress...) but we developed a brotherhood.

I would encourage Season 3 to cherish those times. They're fleeting and gone before you know it.

My Insane Week

Last week, Chicago felt like a home away from home. I flew in to open for Jennifer Hudson at the House of Blues (which was so rad!) and then did promo tours on Windy City Live, WGN, Mancow in the Morning and at Tantrik Nightclub for my new single, High. I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone that purchased the single. It's because of you guys I charted on iTunes...not too shabby for an indie artist. Another great thing The Voice brought me was my fans whom I affectionately call, my Fam. You guys are simply the best. Tweet me @JSquidward.

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