Vin Diesel Flashes Multilingual Flair as Groot

Meriah Doty
July 30, 2014

Vin Diesel is ready to work multilingual — at least when it comes to reciting his soon-to-be-infamous line from Guardians of the Galaxy: “I am Groot.”

In the video above, the Fast & Furious star delivers his Guardians humanoid plant character line in five languages (six, including English). “Yo soy Groot,” he chirps into the microphone. Diesel also speaks the line in Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Russian.

"First time I ever did a movie in multiple languages," Diesel told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. “He only says, ‘I am Groot’ — again and again and again… throughout the whole movie,” the star explained of his character. While shooting the film, Diesel recited the “I am Groot” line more than a thousand times. “It was very challenging because of that,” he told Fallon.

Fallon decided to test the 47-year-old actor’s dexterity with his signature line, asking him to demonstrate how various foreign Diesel-voiced humanoid plants might sound. When it came to French, Diesel received a big laugh for nailing the line with a Gallic flair. He only half managed the Spanish version —”Soy, Groot,” (forgetting the “Yo”); and he recited Mandarin with a throaty exuberance — though we’re not entirely sure whether it was correct. (If you know Mandarin, let us know whether you think he nailed it in comments!)