Stephen Colbert Becomes Wrigley Field Hot Dog Vendor

Superfan TV

On Thursday's The Late Show, Stephen Colbert tried his hand at the most important position in a baseball stadium: the hot dog vendor. Colbert put on a disguise, strapped on a heavy hot dog carrier, and started selling tubed meat to hungry baseball fans.

He first tried out his hot dog throwing arm by pitching a wrapped dog to Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber.

However, the real heat came when Colbert interacted with the fans. At one point he propositioned a couple to come to his paneled van and "party." He shouted, "Hot dogs! All I have is hot dogs. Literally, that's all I have in my life. I've driven away everyone who loved me." Colbert even stole a sip of a fan's beer.

Eventually his role as the hot dog vendor was cut short when Joe Maddon relieved him of his duties.