Does ‘Grey’s’ Premiere Spell the End for Alex?

Superfan TV

On the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Alex Karev was forced to face the music from beating down Dr. Andrew DeLuca.

Alex brought DeLuca to the hospital in an ambulance, with DeLuca’s face a bloody mess. The rest of the staff was brought into the ER to help out. Alex kept quiet when asked about how DeLuca got his injuries, but with blood on his shirt, and a bruised right hand, several of the doctors already had an idea as to what Alex’s role was in the incident.

Meredith ended up finding out Alex’s secret when she confronted him, which put her in the predicament of reporting him to the Chief, or keeping his secret and jeopardizing her own career along with Alex’s.

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff were dealing with DeLuca’s injuries, which required an emergency surgery to save the victim’s eyesight. Even with a successful surgery, DeLuca’s career as a surgeon may be over.

The episode ended with Alex turning himself into the authorities for aggravated assault, which also could mean the end of Alex’s career.