Conan Shreds Apple's New Bag with Spoof Commercial

Superfan TV

Conan O’Brien had some fun on Conan with Apple’s latest patent, a paper bag.

Apple filed the patent for the bag to be used at the Apple retail store. It’s not for sale, but rather it’s the bag they give customers when they make purchases at the store.

As all other Apple products have their own commercials, Conan created a special one for Apple’s bag and dubbed the ‘AirBag’

According to the advertisement, the bag has been dubbed as ‘The World’s Most Intelligent Bag,’ with features such a special ‘W-1 chip’ and advanced folded paper technology. The bag also touts infrared motion sensors and accelerators and can wirelessly connect with all your connected apple devices.

And of course, the AirBag would come in a variety of sizes, just like almost every other Apple Product, as they have the ‘AirBag Plus’ and the ‘ AirBag Mini.’’