'Veep' Creator's U.K. Political Satire 'The Thick of It' Comes to Hulu

Lucas Shaw
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'Veep' Creator's U.K. Political Satire 'The Thick of It' Comes to Hulu

"Veep" and "In the Loop" scribe Armando Iannucci is bringing the popular BBC political satire, "The Thick of It," to Hulu – even before BBC America.

The fourth season of the BBC political comedy, which explores the inner workings of the British government, will premiere its fourth season exclusively on Hulu in the United States – before BBC America but on the same day as the BBC broadcast in the U.K.

This marks Hulu's first international co-production, and thanks to the newly announced partnership between Hulu and BCC Worldwide Americas, the first three seasons of the show also will appear on Hulu starting July 29.

"I very quickly became obsessed with this show, and it is exactly the kind of show Hulu viewers will love," Andy Forssell, Hulu's SVP of content, said in a statement. "We're really excited to give U.S. audiences a chance to catch up with all previous episodes, and as series co-producers for season four, we are proud to make full seasons of this distinctive and smart show available exclusively to Hulu viewers." 

"In the Loop," a film Iannucci wrote that starred Tom Hollander, Mimi Kennedy and James Gandolfini, was a spin-off of this show.

Iannucci promised a fourth-season storyline that "takes us all the way through the series right to the bitter, bitter end."

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