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Smartphone News Byte: Electric Scooter Becomes IPhone Friendly


Terra Motor has unveiled an electric scooter with an iPhone dock. The A-4000-i can link to your phone and display data on power consumption, remaining battery charge, average speed, and mileage, as well as navigation information via an app.

The much-leaked "focus" of Nokia's news was its new 1020 Lumia handset with a 41-meagpixel camera, but behind the scenes the company has spent just as much time focusing on what apps would be on the phone to spur consumers to want to buy and use the device.

The HTC One hasn't been out long, but there are already rumors of a successor in the wings. The smartphone has only been on sale for a few months, but a new version of it is rumored to be coming before year's end. There are also rumors of a plastic version of the currently metal-shelled HTC One.