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Mass Surveillance Breaking News: Surveillance 'partnership' Between NSA and Telcos Points to AT&T, Verizon


A newly disclosed top secret document lauds the National Security Agency's "productive" and long-standing surveillance "partnership" with a pair of telecommunications providers - that permitted tapping into their fiber links - but without naming names. Evidence points to AT&T and Verizon.

The latest from the Edward Snowden's leaks?shows that Obama eventually told the NSA to stop collecting email communications in 2011, apparently because the so-called StellarWind program "was not yielding much value," even when collected in bulk.

The story of Edward Snowden and how he got to be in a position where he could leak details of the National Security Administration?s (NSA) surveillance program is revealing a great deal about the privatization of our national security system. Much of what we are seeing is not pretty.