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Entertainment News Pop: Tom Cruise Gives Surprise Speech, Advice to Acting School Graduates

July 16, 2013

Tom Cruise made graduating from Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio in Santa Monica, Calif., extra memorable! The Mission: Impossible star surprised students with a heartfelt speech, offering some insight and words of advice for the the outgoing class. "I really enjoyed making people laugh?making my mother laugh and my sisters laugh. And creating different characters," he said, explaining why he wanted to become an actor. Many of the actor's Glee family have released statements regarding his tragic passing, but Darren Criss showed a bold and silent symbol of mourning on the red carpet at a special screening of his new film, Girl Most Likely.Darren sported a black ribbon on his left side to symbolize sadness for his friend's untimely death. This sure is a long way from William McKinley High School on Glee. Cory Monteith was reportedly drawing from some intense personal experiences to channel demons for his final film performance in "McCanick," before his sudden death.