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Disaster & Accident Breaking News: Children Describe Crash of Flight 214


Esther, Joseph and Sarah Jang escaped the wreckage of the Asiana Airlines crash, but the children are left with haunting memories of the disaster. "During the time it was crashing, I thought it was all like a dream because I didn't know (if) it was actually happening," 13-year-old Joseph told CNN. "We were all bouncing all over the place," 15-year-old Esther added. "I just remember there being dust everywhere. I was freaking out, and then it just stopped."

The death toll in Quebec's oil train disaster jumped to 13 people and police said about 37 more people were missing, a sign the derailment and explosion could be the worst accident in Canada since the Swissair crash of 1998.

The National Transit Safety Board said part of the tail section of an Asiana jet that crashed at San Francisco International Airport was found in the bay, and debris from the seawall was carried several hundred feet down the runway, suggesting the plane hit the seawall while trying to land.