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Breaking News Headlines: MLS, Clint Dempsey Reunion Confirmed By Tottenham Hotspur


U.S. men's national team captain and Tottenham Hotspur forward Clint Dempsey will return to Major League Soccer with the Seattle Sounders.

A gun-rights group New Hampshire has warned NJ Governor Chris Christie that signing gun control bills passed by his state's Legislature could have consequences if he runs for president in 2016. Sam Cohen, executive vp of Pro-Gun New Hampshire said "If he decides to support these horrible bills, then we are going to do everything we can to tell our voters not to vote for him in the New Hampshire primary."

Joan Rivers issued a statement after the Writers Guild of America East levelled charges against her for work on the non-union show Fashion Police. According to Variety Magazine, Rivers said, "This is such a bunch of bulls?t," The WGA East hasn?t released the charges, but the charges appear to be for violation of Working Rule 8, which prohibits working on a show not signed to a WGA agreement.