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Barack Obama Breaking News: Happy Birthday, Mr. President: Obama Turns 52

August 4, 2013

Obama turns 52 and is spending part of the day at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland..He played golf with friends from his days in Hawaii and Chicago.Some of them joined him at Camp David. President Barack Obama says there are no gimmicks to grow the economy ? just difficult steps that require Washington's focus. In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama promoted a plan he calls a grand bargain that he says can break through gridlock. Obama says he's willing to work to reform the tax code for businesses but many loopholes and deductions need to be done away with. President Barack Obama has chosen retired corporate and government official John Koskinen to take over an Internal Revenue Service under fire for its screening of political groups. Obama said, Koskinen is "an expert at turning around institutions in need of reform."