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Amanda Bynes News Pop: Amanda Bynes' Parents Say She's Paranoid and Hemorrhaging Money


The parents of Amanda Bynes believe she's a substance abuser who has become paranoid, delusional is is draining her bank account. Amanda's parents filed papers in an attempt to win a temporary conservatorship.

Nick Cannon tells TMZ, when it comes to helping his former Nickelodeon co-star Amanda Bynes -- all he can do is pray. Cannon -- who appeared on "All That" with Bynes back in the day -- has been an outspoken supporter of the actress throughout her recent mental health issues.

Amanda Bynes has been true to form in the hospital where she's being held on a psychiatric hold -- she's completely lucid for long stretches, and then goes off the handle crazy. Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TMZ that doctors have already determined Amanda is suffering from a severe mental illness with schizophrenic tendencies.