'Divergent' Cast's Instagram Takeover

Yahoo Movies

All week long, the stars of “Divergent" have been jetting around the country, and they brought @YahooMovies Instagram followers along for the ride. Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, and the film’s other stars, plus author Veronica Roth, took us behind the scenes of the “Divergent” press tour.

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Whether they were posing with fans or showing off secret skills (Theo on the mic!), these talented ladies and gents kept it real and unfiltered (in terms of their silly faces, not the photos themselves #filtereverything). “Divergent” may be a dystopian action flick, but even humanity’s bravest have serious #selfie game.

"And that’s it for the @Divergent cast takeover! Wanted to end it on an epic note - Miles Teller & Jai Courtney"

"Taking a quick break at Serious Biscuit with a pig. - Miles Teller"

"Miles Teller & Jai Courtney do the weather on Fox!"

"We’re showing all the #Divergent fans much love. - Mekhi Phifer & Maggie Q"

"On the red carpet in #SanFrancisco! - Maggie Q"

"@Vrothbooks and @AnselElgort taking a selfie with B96 radio host, @ShowbizShelly."

"Meeting the Chicago fans last night in the city where we filmed! What a screening!! - Theo James"

"Goodbye #Atlanta! See you soon #Chicago!"

"Kicked off the nationwide #Divergent cast tour in Atlanta last night with a little beatboxing."

Check out all of the “Divergent” Instagram Takeover pics at @YahooMovies.

"Divergent" opens everywhere on March 21.

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