Two More Black List Site Scribes Nab Rep Deals

Two More Black List Site Scribes Nab Rep Deals

A pair of writers have landed deals after being discovered on The Black List‘s online pay service for unrepresented screenwriters to have their work analyzed by industry pros. Benderspink has inked Bob Ingraham based on his script Possum, which centers on a team of thieves who incorporate an autistic man with unique skills into their group as they prepare for their biggest heist yet. The deal came together quickly, with the deal signed Monday after the firm downloaded Ingraham’s screenplay from Franklin Leonard’s service — the script is being prepped to go out with a new title. Meanwhile, Verve and Kaplan/Perrone have signed Richard Cordiner based on his script The Shark Is Not Working, which chronicles of the making of Jaws. Of course, the first writer to land a deal from the service — Justin Kremer, who signed with CAA based on his screenplay McCarthy, chronicling the rise of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist fervor — was discovered to have previously interned for Leonard’s site, which led many to question whether the operation launched in October was legit. But we’re hearing that more deals are in the works, so maybe there’s something to it.

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