TV Upfronts: THR Live-Blogs Fox's Presentation

THR Staff
TV Upfronts: THR Live-Blogs Fox's Presentation

After announcing its 2014-15 schedule and talking to reporters during an early Monday conference call, Fox took its turn presenting its lineup to Madison Avenue ad buyers during an afternoon presentation at the Beacon Theatre. 

The Hollywood Reporter's TV Team is inside the Beacon Theatre in New York and brings you all the action Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly pitched his year-round slate to advertisers. Refresh for all the latest insights. (Check out NBC's live blog here.)

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4 p.m. -- Hours after announcing he'd be fronting Fox's New Year's Eve event, Pitbull took the stage to kick off the Fox upfront with some of his catchy hits. He was joined by a cadre of backup dancers, who appeared to have significantly more energy than anyone else in the Beacon Theatre. 

4:12 -- Reilly trotted out to, you guessed it, Pitbull's "Timber."‎ He quickly moved to his key messaging. First, Fox may have lost the 18-49 crown to NBC, but -- BUT -- it is "America's Next Generation network," which is ‎to say it's younger than its rivals. Second, Fox will be "Redefining the network experience," which is short-hand for doing away with pilot season and embracing a year-round schedule. And, finally, Fox will be -- yes, this again -- "eventizing" its slate.

4:13 -- Reilly says he's going to take us through "a packed hour." Hear that, other networks? An hour. He goes straight to promotion Grease Live and the insane live Jump of the Century in Snake River Canyon. Event programming is the watchword.

4:16 -- Reilly goes into unscripted, touts MasterChef Junior and high-concept Utopia. In a clip, Utopia's John de Mol touts it as the "most purest form of reality that I can remember." Reilly touts opportunities for product integration. (Is there Pepsi in Utopia?)