Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Rips Into President Elect Donald Trump

Superfan TV

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to share his feelings on the election and President Elect Donald Trump. Triumph started by saying, “Folks, it turns out Donald Trump, only Donald Trump, was in touch with the American people… though most of them against their will.”

The canine comic didn’t want to be a doggie downer, so he tried to look at things with a bowl-half-full attitude. Triumph said, “I want to be optimistic Stephen, don’t you think he can do what he promised and return us to a better time… like yesterday afternoon?” There were even some aspects of a Donald Trump presidency that had Triumph wagging his tail, like when he said, “We’ll finally get to see Donald’s plan to destroy Isis, which I assume is to buy it and run it like one of his casinos.”