Tom Hanks Shames News Anchor Who Wrongfully Accused Ron Howard of Killing John Wayne

Will Lerner


Ron Howard and Tom Hanks were on the British daytime show This Morning to promote their new film, Inferno, when co-host Eamonn Holmes accused Howard of something quite ghastly.

“Ron, personally, I’ve never liked you,” Holmes said as his co-host and wife, Ruth Langsford, chuckled. “I did like you in Happy Days, but then you did something in my life that actually had me in tears. You shot and killed John Wayne in his last ever movie, The Shootist. I hated you for that.”

“I did not shoot John Wayne!” Howard exclaimed. “I shot the bartender who shot John Wayne.”

“Bruce Dern shot John Wayne, didn’t he?” asked Hanks.

Oh brother! Let’s go over the facts. Ron Howard was in the 1976 film, The Shootist, John Wayne’s final role before his death in 1979. However, Howard is right, he didn’t kill Wayne, a bartender did. Tom Hanks, and this pains me to say it, is wrong. Bruce Dern didn’t kill John Wayne in The Shootist — Dern killed him in The Cowboys, something he talked to Yahoo Movies about. Check out his Role Recall – Shameless plug!

Boy, Eamonn Holmes really messed things up.

Fortunately, Hanks was there to call him out. “You know, Eamon, I am shocked that you bring up a movie reference that is incorrect, therefore I am going to have to give you a yellow card in this interview,” Hanks said, drawing a yellow soccer penalty card out of his pocket. “That is such a boner you just pulled. With all the ear pieces and satellite connections, you wrongly accused Ron Howard of killing John Wayne? That’s a yellow, pal. As a matter of fact, I’m giving you two. So you’re out, buddy. I’m giving you a yellow card. Off you go.”

Role Recall: Bruce Dern on Killing John Wayne and More:


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