Today in 'Star Wars': IMAX Reveal and a College Football Team Battles the Empire

Meriah Doty
July 9, 2014

Harrison Ford may be sidelined, but that hasn’t completely halted the Star Wars: Episode VII production. A late Tuesday tweet seems to confirm the highly anticipated sequel is still in progress and is being shot on 70 mm IMAX film. The tweet by Bad Robot — Episode VII director J.J. Abrams’ production company — showed the specialized camera filming a sweeping desert scene along with the hashtag #bestformatever. The sands dunes are presumably in Abu Dhabi — a location cast member John Boyega has referenced on his Instagram.

Abrams is no stranger to the super-sharp IMAX film format — he used it for part of Star Trek Into Darkness. But no previous Star Wars movie has utilized the expensive, high-resolution quality of IMAX. Maybe this news will be a small consolation to fans who were disappointed to learn that Episode VII won’t be represented at Comic-Con this month. 

Meanwhile a University of Georgia football player made his Star Wars fandom known with a 26-minute Star Wars-inspired video titled, Retribution. The film depicts storm troopers attacking the UGA campus as the Bulldogs fight for their turf. Footballer-slash-filmmaker Christian Conley takes a few pot shots at his rivals, the Florida Gators, which includes the delivery of the ultimate “jean shorts” insult. Check out the cameo 15 minutes in by UGA football coach Mark Richt, asleep at the wheel while battle ensues: 

Photo credit: Twitter