TiVo Readying ‘Mavrik’ Cloud DVR (Report)

Janko Roettgers

TiVo is getting ready to launch new hardware that marks a radical departure from its existing digital video recorders (DVRs), according to multiple reports from Zatz Not Funny and TVPredictions. The new device, which is being branded as “Mavrik,” is a networked DVR that saves recordings in the cloud and streams them over the internet.

A TiVo spokesperson declined to comment on these reports, but said that “the company is constantly developing new innovations that fuel the user experience and allow consumers to stay connected to their favorite entertainment.”

Mavrik is a small set-top box that connects to an over-the-air antenna, or possibly a cable outlet. It doesn’t directly plug into a TV; consumers instead install streaming apps on their mobile and TV-connected devices, and then stream recordings directly to these devices.

That’s a very similar approach to Tablo, an over-the-air DVR that’s been popular with the cord cutting crowd. However, there seems to be a key difference between Mavrik and Tablo: A prematurely published app for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets suggest that Mavrik, which was also code-named Mantis for some time, is a “diskless cloud DVR.” This means that Mavrik uploads recordings to the cloud, which should enable users to stream them to any supported device, regardless of whether they are at home or on the go.

It’s still unclear whether Mavrik is a device that TiVo is looking to sell at retail, or whether the company aims to make it available through pay TV operators. TiVo has been in a prolonged process of shifting its resources towards its operator business, which got another boost when it got acquired by Rovi earlier this year.

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