Tim Gunn's Rare Emotional Moment with Contestant on 'Project Runway'

Superfan TV

On Thursday's Project Runway, the contestants were split into teams to pitch and deliver a clothing line. Alex jumped into the captain's seat for Team Unity and presented a line for modern business women.

The team hustled to make a clothing line but it ended up being more of a collection for a night on the town. Team Unity lost and as the captain, Alex took the blame. He said, "I failed my team, I failed on the pitch. They put their trust into me. So, if there's anyone that deserves to go home it's me. None of these people at all." Heidi Klum said, "Auf Wiedersehen," to Alex.

Tim Gunn came back to the designers, holding back tears, and said, "I couldn't be prouder of the team interactions and I couldn't be prouder of your statesmen-like behavior… And Alex, I have to say you're the biggest inspiration of all. To take the bullet is something that's unprecedented on Project Runway." He then joined the designers in a round of applause for, Alex, their fallen leader.