‘This Is Us’ Recap: Awkward and Heartfelt Moments

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On Tuesday’s This Is Us, the family in the 1970s headed to the pool to relax. However, the family in the present day dove into some awkward situations.  

Kevin, having landed in New York with plans to become a stage actor, gave nothing less than a cringeworthy audition.

Kate found that Toby’s ex-wife was very attractive, so she did the logical thing and stalked her all the way to her clothing boutique. While there, Kate accidentally interviewed for a position at the store with his ex. She let on way too much information that she’d gathered but somehow got the job.

Randall had a heart-to-heart with his biological father, William, that ended with William apologizing for Randall’s entire childhood. Almost in midconfession, the two were interrupted by Kevin trying to crash at Randall’s house. With William standing with Randall’s family, Randall said, “This is my biological father. Whom I looked for, and I found, and this is him.” Kevin shook his hand and replied, “That probably is gonna be a longer conversation, but it’s good to meet you.”

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