Chris Pratt's Braid 'n' Talk Confirms His Skills

Meriah Doty

The world was shocked when news broke of  Chris Pratt’s purported french braiding skills, but the question lingered: Could this hair-styling prowess possibly be real?

Well, confirmation has arrived at last. Entertainment Tonight offered one of their cheery interns up to Pratt during a recent interview to prove, once and for all, that the Guardians of the Galaxy star can indeed french braid. And lo and behold, Pratt delivered, smiting the skeptics. (See it at the 1:17 mark in the above video.) 

Just three months back, the Pratt french braiding debate kicked off when the star posted a photo on Instagram of some french braid handy work he did on his wife Anna Faris. 

Confirming his skills, Jen (the E.T. intern and braidee), reported that Pratt had “very gentle… tender hands.” 

Here are more observations from Pratt’s proof of hair prowess video: 

1. Pratt can braid and answer interview questions at the same time. He styled Jen’s hair while discussing his upcoming movie, Jurassic World.

2. He shared a handy hair tip: “You wouldn’t want to use a rubber band. It could damage the hair. What you gotta use is something called a scrunchie.”

3. Scrunchies were out with the ‘80s… and we noticed a lump in Jen’s braid

4. His braid-and-talk rivals Ethan Hawke’s “The Hawke N’ Talk.”