On Location: The Nicolas Cage Art Show Goes to Los Angeles

Yahoo MoviesAugust 29, 2014

He’s made some 75 movies over the past 33 years. During that time, he’s purchased castles (in England and Germany), at least one haunted house (in Louisiana), an island (in the Bahamas), and had the world’s most valuable comic book stolen from him (only to be returned — and eventually sold at a record price that was recently broken).  

But until this year, there was one thing Nicolas Cage has not been able to mark off whatever fantastical checklist the Oscar-winning actor almost certainly keeps pinned somewhere on a wall: be the subject of an art show.

That changed last April, when Ezra Croft, a Bay Area-based Bed Bath & Beyond employee and sometimes DJ and event planner, came up with the idea of assembling an exhibition to the man who famously took his name from a Marvel comics character — and once, in the name of art, gobbled a cockroach.

This summer, the Nicholas Cage art show wound its way south from San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles’ Syrup Lofts — and Yahoo! was given an up-close look at the 170 pieces of Cage-inspired art for sale. There’s stained-glass Cage, Cage as Krishna, St. Nic Cage, laser-eyed Cage, even Cage in attendance at the Last Supper. 

Created by artists all over the world, the pieces, according to Croft,  are all about capturing “the wonderment and mystery” of Cage. If that’s the goal, they might need a bigger loft.