The 'Money Pit' House Is Now in Great Shape and Yours for $12.5 Million

Josh Wolk
Executive Editor, Entertainment

Many people love the idea of living in a piece of Hollywood history, but selling the titular house from the 1986 comedy The Money Pit would seem a unique challenge. “Remember that movie about Tom Hanks and Shelley Long buying a mansion that crumbled under their feet, and nearly bankrupted them and destroyed their relationship? Well … want to see if things go any better when you buy it?”

But don’t judge a house by its movie! According to the New York Times, the sprawling, eight-bedroom Long Island mansion — now about to go on sale for $12.5 million — has been completely rehabbed and remodeled, and is now downright palace-like. Though only the exterior of the house was used for the movie (the film’s collapsing staircase, owner-swallowing floor and free-falling tub were all shot in a studio), the real house had recently fallen into a shambles inside as well. When the current owners, Rich and Christina Makowsky, bought the Lattingtown, NY estate in 2002, “We didn’t realize how bad it was,” Mr. Makowsky told the Times. “The house was falling apart when you went from room to room. We definitely could have done the sequel.” But now, after extensive renovations, his listing broker, Shawn Elliott of Shawn Elliott Luxury Homes & Estates, says ” “It’s now the anti-Money Pit … The home was restored at the finest quality.”

It’s been a busy year for 1986 movie-house sales: Just last month Cameron’s iconic glass house from the same year’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sold in Chicago for a comparatively tiny $1.06 million. Who knows what ‘86 abode will go on sale next! Frank Booth’s bachelor pad from Blue Velvet? Maybe they turned the record store from Pretty in Pink into a one-bedroom? Or maybe the Navy converted Top Gun’s aircraft carrier into a floating condo development? Start getting your loans pre-approved now! 

Photo credit: New York Times (top)