'The Maze Runner' Clip Introduces Walled-Off World

Meriah Doty

Reaction was overwhelmingly positive from those lucky ticket-holders who caught the secret screening of The Maze Runner at Comic-Con.

Those of us who have to wait for the movie’s September release date will have to make do with this clip, which you can see first here on Yahoo Movies. This scene introduces audiences — and lead character Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) — to the Glade, a walled outdoor sanctum inhabited by a community of youths who call themselves, simply, Gladers. New to the Glade and trapped in an underground box, Thomas knows nothing of this world — until Alby (Aml Ameen) releases him to show him around. They climb a tree fort for a better view of the place. Thomas sees that it’s a few acres of grass and trees totally enclosed by a huge wall (which we quickly learn is a sprawling and deadly maze). “What’s out there?” Thomas inquires, pointing out a sizable passage through the encasement. Before Alby can even go there, he relays the three rules of the Glade:  

1. Do your part.
2. Never harm another Glader.
3. Never go beyond the walls.

In other words: That shadowy corridor that piqued your interest? Forget you ever saw it.

The Maze Runner dashes into theaters on Sept. 19.