New 'Jurassic World' Photos Show a Revved-Up Chris Pratt

Yahoo Movies

The last time we got a sneak peek at Jurassic World, the results were disappointingly dino-free. Come on, Universal! We want raptors and ‘Rexes, not Bryce Dallas Howard looking like she just stepped out of a super-chillaxed reboot of Defending Your Life!

Thankfully, The A.V. Club has scored some new pictures from the film, which comes out next June, and stars Howard, Chris Pratt, and Judy Greer. And while these latest shots don’t give us a glimpse of the film’s prehistoric beasts, at least we get a few shots of people reacting to...something: We see Pratt on his motorcycle, doing his best Eastwood Squint™, and also get a new shot of Howard — who, judging by all the pictures so far, plays a new creature called the Sombersaurus. There's also a picture of two young kids in the jungle, looking appropriately awestruck. Perhaps they just caught a glimpse of a Raptor. Or maybe they just watched Carnosaur for the first time. Either way, they look sufficiently weirded out.

Even with these new shots, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper on the web to get any more info on the movie, which is being helmed by Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow, and is shrouded in secrecy. All we know so far is that it’s set more than two decades after 1993’s Jurassic Park, and that the action takes place at a dino-might amusement park where scientists have cooked up a new mutant creature. Oh, and there’s a chance that nautically themed party hats might be involved.