Horror With an Earth Day Twist in 'The Green Inferno' Trailer

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor
Yahoo Movies

If you thought the “torture porn” phenomenon died a squirm-inducing death with the end of the Saw series, we suggest you protect your eyes. Eli Roth, the self-billed “twisted mind” behind Cabin Fever and the Hostel movies, returns with his first directorial effort in six years, The Green Inferno, opening Sept. 5.

Watch the exclusive trailer above to get a preview of what happens when a group of rainforest activists get stranded in the jungles of Peru after their plane crashes, leaving them at the mercy of a tribe that looks straight out of Apocalypto. 

Green Inferno marks a shift in strategy for Roth: In previous movies, the writer-director took delight in punishing gluttonous, libidinous young travelers. Here he’s putting the hurt on idealistic, do-gooding young travelers. Maybe the lesson is to just stay at home?