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Mitsubishi Eclipse

With the Lancer Evo finally canceled, Mitsubishi no longer has anything sporty in its lineup. We'd love to see it solve that by bringing back the Eclipse. The Eclipse was the wonderful product of an alliance between Mitsubishi and Chrysler called Diamond Star Motors. It gave us the Eagle brand and the Eclipse/Eagle Talon/Plymouth Laser. That alliance may never come back, but we can hope for an all-wheel drive turbo coupe like the Eclipse GSX to give Toyota 86 fans an all-weather solution.

Ten Discontinued Cars That Need to Make a Comeback

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Inevitably, certain models of cars will be discontinued. The reasons vary. It could be because nobody bought them. It could be because they were expensive to produce and the automaker wouldn't make a great return. Or maybe it was just time for them to die. Here are some of the discontinued cars we love that need to be made once again.

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