The Talk - Social Media Criticizes Amber Rose Son's Manicure; Hosts React

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Amber Rose shared a video of her young son getting a manicure and pedicure with nail polish, which sparked social media backlash, suggesting her son will be gay as a result. Sharon Osbourne reacts, saying, "Here we go again with the haters...Listen, my husband's been wearing nail polish for 40 years, and he's definitely not gay! You can call my husband a lot of things, but not gay!" Sara Gilbert adds, "And by the way, so what if the kid ends up being gay?" Aisha Tyler shares, "It's ignorance. If he ends up gay, it's because he was born that way. By the way, I played with trucks, I love sports, I loved video games, I love...a part of the male anatomy...A big fan, I always have been. It has nothing to do with what I played with as a child!"