The Talk - Sharon Osbourne Responds to Drunk Accusations on 'The X-Factor'

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Host Sharon Osbourne responds to a flurry of rumors making headlines that she was drunk during a recent taping of "The X Factor" in Britain. Mrs. O explains, "Why is it while you're there and you're having fun and you're being silly, do you have to be drunk? It's entertainment and it goes out late on a Saturday night. I'm there with bestest - Nicole Scher-linger-linger [Scherzinger]... She's funny. She's naughty and you have fun." Julie Chen responds with a theory, "Here in the United States we have... the best audience in the world. They see you every day here on 'The Talk.' When I watch that clip I say, 'That's her every day. What are they talking about?'... and the British press, they love you. They know that 'Sharon Osbourne' headline -- it's going to sell." Sara Gilbert says, "I've been with Sharon drunk and she wouldn't be covering the girl's boob, she'd be exposing them." Julie Chen adds, "Trust me, we've been out with Sharon when she's been tipsy, you'll know!"