Super Bowl Delayed by Power Outage

Kimberly Nordyke
The Hollywood Reporter

Did someone forget to pay the electric bill?

With just over 13 minutes left in the third quarter -- and Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco = 49ers by a score of 28-6 -- the power went out in half of the Superdome in New Orleans.

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After a commercial break, an announcer came on to tell viewers what happened.

"Here's what happened, moments ago, as we watched the game start to proceed pretty much as normal, one big flick of the light switch, and we lost power in half of the stadium," one of the announcers said. He added that no one was injured or in danger.

The action in the game was completely stopped as staffers worked to restore power.

After a commercial break, it was revealed that the NFL was working "feverishly" to restore power, but that it would be another 15 minutes or so for the lights to completely turn back on.

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CBS announcers filled the time by showing highlights of the game so far.

Quipped TV writer-producer-director Greg Berlanti (Arrow): "The lesson here is never follow Beyonce." (Beyonce, who performed during halftime, has earned praise for her performance on social media.)