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WINNER: Michael Bay

Dismal reviews did nothing to slow the onslaught of the director loud, flashy, '80s-era nostaligia machines: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.' The fourth 'Transformers' film is the summer’s highest-earning movie, while 'TMNT' had such a killer opening weekend that Paramountannounced a sequel for 2016.

Summer Movies 2014: The Winners and Losers

Gwynne Watkins
August 19, 2014

As Labor Day looms closer and kids count down the days to the beginning of school, Yahoo Movies's Gwynne Watkins takes a look back at another summer-movie season — and adds to

her selections that made her mid-season report. It's a mixed bag, represented by some names that should be instantly recognizable (like Angelina and Scarlett and Tom) — and a few that are less known (hello, James Gunn). You'll find some mega-budgeted films, and more than a few indies (including the first English-language film from a South Korean director). From Michael Bay to Spider-Man, here are the season's winners and losers...

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