Steven Soderbergh Tweets Out A Mystery Novella

Jordan Zakarin
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Steven Soderbergh is clearly keeping himself busy.

For all the fuss over his so-called "retirement," the Oscar-winning director has stated that while he may not be making any more films, he fully intends to stay creatively engaged, from his upcoming HBO movie Behind the Candelabra down to trying his hand at new types of storytelling. While Vine has captured the imagination of micro-filmmakers, Soderbergh has opted to flex taut writing muscles on Twitter.

Using the ghost account @Bitchuation, which he confirmed was his own in an interview with Collider in February, Soderbergh on Sunday night sent out a flurry of tweets that made up the first seven chapters of a novella called Glue. A crime story told from the second person, the story is incomplete as of yet; check out the tweets below to read what he's posted thus far.