Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Urge People to Vote

Superfan TV

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Stephen’s monologue was interrupted by an adorable little girl dressed like a little street urchin who was “too scared to vote.” So Stephen sang a song to her explaining why voting is so great. But before Stephen could move on with the show, his old pal, Jon Stewart, came out and halted everything.

Jon told the little girl that she didn’t have to vote if she didn’t want to, singing, “There's nothing in the law that says the people have to vote.” Although, when Jon was reminded that Donald Trump is running for president, which caused him to do a spit take, he changed his tune.

That’s when the little scamp started singing a song about not liking either candidate, singing, “to add my vote to either side would be an awful lie.” Jon and Stephen admitted that the girl made some good points, but then Hamilton star, Javier Muñoz, came running in with some better points. Javier rapped, “I'm sorry not sorry if this isn't exciting but stayin' home isn't a statement you're saying you gave up your say in the way that your state went?”

Javier won them all over and in the end, everyone got together and made the same point: “Go vote!”