SPOILER: Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner Ponder How the Ending of 'Arrival' Would Affect Their Own Lives

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from the movie Arrival:

The third-highest-grossing movie at the box office this past weekend, behind only Marvel’s Doctor Strange and the animated juggernaut Trolls, was the sci-fi mystery Arrival. The film stars Amy Adams as a linguistic expert who is recruited to communicate with aliens who have landed on Earth in mysterious pods.

The aliens’ arrival tests whether humans would be willing — and patient enough — to take the time to learn an alien language without becoming hostile out of confusion. They do not realize that the language grants them the ability to see the future. And while that’s where the film ends, it does leave the viewer with a question: If you were given the power to see the future, would you change it?

Yahoo Movies sat down with Adams and her co-star, Jeremy Renner, and asked that very question.

“I guess it depends on what the future holds — I guess that’s the thing,” Adams said. “If the future was changeable, I guess that’s the thing this film also asks us: Is it changeable or does it just already exist?”

Renner, who plays a theoretical physicist in the film, was more direct in his response: “I don’t want to know the future at all,” he said.

Arrival is in theaters now.

Watch Amy Adams and Isla Fisher talk about being confused for one another:

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