Speed Date: 'Transformers' Breakouts Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor

In addition to being loud and incredibly profitable, the Transformers movies also have raised the profiles of several of its young stars: Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox became household names after appearing in the Michael Bay-directed films. So it’s a safe bet, then, that we may be seeing a lot more of Age of Extinction's Nicola Peltz (who plays Tessa, the teenage daughter of Mark Wahlberg's hero-inventor) and Jack Reynor (who plays her older boyfriend, Shane).

Having both stars in the same room, we made the latest installment in our Speed Date series a 2-for-1 affair — firing a volley of get-to-know-you questions at the 19-year-old Peltz and the 22-year-old Reynor.

What did we learn? Nicola Peltz really loves dogs – she’s got nine of them, and one is named after the famous street artist Banksy. She used to have a pig, too. Reynor, meanwhile, really hates it when people shake his hand without making eye contact. “I cannot stand that,” he said. (Peltz’s pet peeve: bunched up socks.) He’s also a bit of cook, currently “perfecting” a recipe for orange chicken recipe; the less-culinarily-inclined Peltz sticks to the basics, like toast, cereal… “and eggs, maybe.”

Watch the video above for more fun facts about the young stars of Transformers.

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