Will Smith Needs to Lighten Up in Second 'After Earth' Trailer (Video)

Greg Gilman
The Wrap

Will Smith has two objectives after crash landing on our planet 1000 years in the future in "After Earth": 1.) Survive 2.) Lighten up.

The second trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming sci-fi flick gives a little more background on the relationship a super-serious Smith has with his son (Jaden Smith) and it isn't very good.

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"You have a son that you do not know," Sophie Okonedo, the actress who plays Smith's wife, says. "He's reaching for you and he does not need a commanding officer. He needs a father. Now go make some good memories together."

But as it turns out, Smith couldn't have picked a worse time to start the father-son bonding. Their intergalactic flight goes terribly wrong and those "good memories" turn into a nightmare filled with pesky monkeys, sabertooth tigers, giant eagles and a creature more dangerous than all three of those animals combined.

"After Earth" lands in theaters on June 7.

Here's the trailer:

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