The Stars of 'Sin City' on How They'd Survive the Film's Treacherous Terrain

Kevin Polowy
Senior Editor

Basin City, the metropolis imagined by Frank Miller in his graphic novels and brought to the screen in 2005’s Sin City and its new sequel A Dame to Kill For (in theaters Friday), is a treacherous urban landscape populated by cold-blooded killers and gun-wielding strippers. It is a terrifying, terrifying place — even more so than Hollywood. 

Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Eva Green all play characters who call Sin City home in A Dame to Kill For, but we wondered how they think they’d personally fare in its cutthroat culture. You can see their answers in the video above. 

"I would just stay inside," said Gordon-Levitt, who joins the sequel as the card-shark Johnny. Alba (who plays the aforementioned dancer Nancy) said she could get by, but it would involve some strategy: namely, befriending that lumbering badass, Marv (playing by Mickey Rourke)."I think I would be killed very quickly," said Eva Green, who played the titular dame, Ava. "They’re so corrupt and mean, I wouldn’t last very long."

Said Josh Brolin, who takes over Clive Owen’s role of Dwight: “I probably wouldn’t do very well, I need my trailer.” Yeah, that’s a Hollywood mentality you’d get killed for

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